First-years are often the most numerous and enthusiastic of the RSS classes. The RSS officers take steps to ensure our newest members are not boxed out -- in fact, a large number of our events cater specifically to freshmen and to prospective students.

Most Regents Scholar freshmen live Currant Hall, in the 1st-year University Honors Program dorm, which has recently relocated to the brand-new Tercero expansion. Because of the concentration of Regents Scholars
there, the dorm is usually a natural hub for RSS activity and serves as meeting places and drop-off points.

UHP participation isn't required for the Regents Scholarship or RSS membership, but many RSSers show overwhelming fondness for the 1st-year program. RSS members who hail from the same class almost universally know one another due to their shared experience in the UHP dorm. A primary goal of RSS, then, is to continue to facilitate these bonds after everybody moves out of the dorms and goes their separate ways.

Regents Scholars who have opted not to enroll in UHP are still welcome to join RSS and participate in all activities.

If you are an incoming or prospective freshman looking to see what life is like in the honors dorm, consider checking out our Overnight Hosting Program on Decision Day weekend.