Find Roommates

As of this writing, UC Davis Student Housing does not offer roommate questionnaires or matching programs. However, there are several things incoming Regents Scholars can do to find potential roommates in RSS or UHP. (When you find a potential roommate or roommates, the parties involved can specifically request each other on the Student Housing website, even after the housing application for the year is due.)
  1. Place requests on your year's UHP Facebook group. Often there are templates for listing your habits, likes, and dislikes that circulate around; consider copying and filling out one of those to tell group members what kind of roommate you'll be.
  2. Wait until Orientation. Often you'll be placed in a group with other UHP members -- this will give you an opportunity to meet a selection of potential roommates face-to-face.
  3. Organize summer events with Regents Scholars who live nearby to get to know one another and meet face-to-face.
RSS may also provide a roommate matching Google Form to fill out -- stay tuned for more updates on that.